A mysterious man, Shiv Clifton of The Great War, is seen killing men with a mere stick in the depths of trench warfare. Baffling troops and causing one soldier, Tom Andrews, to nearly go mad. As Tom tries to capture Shiv and his mysterious archaic killing device he gets more than he bargained for. Flash-forward to present day Florida and the ruthlessly ferocious deaths continue, however, the man at the hands of the stick has changed. As the terror continues, a young gymnast, Lillian Grant and her friend Sandra Taylor become unlikely escapees at the clutches of Death. With the help of renegade detective Henry Oxford and an ancient librarian simply named Louise, the two girls are able to track down the stick-wielding menace. Or has he tracked them down? All the while an unlikely love story develops as the killer becomes chillingly close to bring violence, love and fate together in a story that will have you second guessing to the very end.
Coming January 2013 CHOSEN in paperback everywhere books are sold!