Episode 20

Gregory has a short day of work and talks about new material, getting Hurricane Milling back up off the ground and our existence as a species.

Episode 19

Go through Hurricane Matthew with Gregory Fahy as your driver, a lot of hurricane talk on this one as well as other shit. Gregory discusses everything from his sitcom pilot he's working on to harassing comedians over social media!

Episode 18

Gregory talks about the open mic at Goodnight's (Clean Set), Hurricane Matthew and what to do for each category, The Print Shop pilot episode (characters). Stalking other comedians and browsing the internet.

Episode 17

Gregory talks about how Soundcloud fucked up podcast #16, showing my bosses my stand up, a tale of a hate crime, my clean night at Goodnights and how I'll kill myself.

Episode 16

Sitting alone in the cabin Gregory Fahy recounts the Tuesday night before at Goodnights with no appearance. How Gregory coups with losing a job by designing new board games. Coming up with a new sitcom idea "The Print Shop" and how copper mining is raping the cloud forest in Intag, Ecuador.

Episode 15

Gregory Fahy talks about racism in the work place and all around shitty people. The new set for this Tuesday at Goodnight's. The newly updated GregoryFahy.com website where you'll be able to purchase merch!

Episode 14

Gregory is back at the New Bern Round House and rambles about getting my set ready. We go back in time and into the forest; Gregory talks about being drunk in the Croatan National Forest, weight loss secrets, going over my three minutes for Goodnight's, theories on why we're here.

Episode 13

Kendrick Lamar plays while Gregory talks about listening to himself and the box of life (not the cereal) while cleaning the Round House.

Episode 12

Gregory works a 54 hour work week and talks about the trap of modern life!

Episode 11

Gregory is back at the Round House, excited about the realtor kicking us to the curb, talking about walking away from New Bern and rambling about my van.

Episode 10

Gregory's first day of work in nearly five years! Cleaning the Round House and talking about Bridgeton and the possibilities of an income influx!

Episode 9

Gregory is in sync with nature, talks about Catholic school, eugenics and a new bit.

Episode 8

Sorry about the crickets, haha, not really but I will try better next time! I go into detail about getting my fucking license, my plans for the day and what new material I'm working on!

Episode 7

Gregory's at the New Bern Round House still looking for a job, talking about the end of days (no porn rape scenario), shenanigans at Food Lion and black people getting a bad rap.

Episode 6

Gregory falls apart as a human being.

Episode 5

Gregory talks about trying to find a local bar to preform stand up in, 50 minutes of podcast got deleted and job applications are filled out.

Work in Progress

Hey, it's Gregory Fahy. If you're here because you heard me at Goodnight's Comedy thanks for checking out the site, it's a work in progress. Hell it'll always be a work in progress, but you know what I'm talking about. Bookmark this page (Is that still a thing?) and come back in a week or so.

More Making of a Comedian podcasts will be added soon (I have 15 at this point in time) and I'll get my links fixed at the top of the site.

I'll be at Goodnight's almost every Tuesday and soon I'll also be in Wilmington at Dead Crow Comedy. I come up with a new set every week and will have a comedy album coming out in January,,,, Oh yeah I'm on the Twitter @gregoryfahy

Episode 4

Gregory Fahy talks about his second time on stage at Good Night's Comedy Club. Travis and Josh chime in and we talk about the Unknown Kayaker. Incoherence kicks in and Gregory talks too loudly for the remainder of the podcast.

Episode 3

Gregory Fahy talks about getting pulled over by the highway patrol, different comedians coming to the area and new stand-up material.

Episode 2

Gregory Fahy's debut to the world of Stand-Up. I can officially say I'm a stand up comedian! Things discussed are: signing up for open mic, the raffle process and halfway through Travis and Josh join in on the conversation.

Episode 1

Gregory Fahy talks about stand up comedy, the dismay of a future in the grocery business, Galway and his Irish heritage; what to name the podcast.
A mysterious man, Shiv Clifton of The Great War, is seen killing men with a mere stick in the depths of trench warfare. Baffling troops and causing one soldier, Tom Andrews, to nearly go mad. As Tom tries to capture Shiv and his mysterious archaic killing device he gets more than he bargained for. Flash-forward to present day Florida and the ruthlessly ferocious deaths continue, however, the man at the hands of the stick has changed. As the terror continues, a young gymnast, Lillian Grant and her friend Sandra Taylor become unlikely escapees at the clutches of Death. With the help of renegade detective Henry Oxford and an ancient librarian simply named Louise, the two girls are able to track down the stick-wielding menace. Or has he tracked them down? All the while an unlikely love story develops as the killer becomes chillingly close to bring violence, love and fate together in a story that will have you second guessing to the very end.
Coming January 2013 CHOSEN in paperback everywhere books are sold!